KBA Newsletter September 2018: Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events - The Auckland Heritage Festival and Auckland ArtWeek

The upcoming Heritage Festival and Artweek Auckland are two Auckland wide events that always showcase the rich layers and diversity of K' Road.

These events, like most city events, bring new faces onto the street and remind old faces how fabulous K' Road can be from a historical and creative viewpoint.

The Heritage Festival

Image: Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries

Running 29 September to 14 October, the Heritage Festival shines a light on the lives and architecture of the past that are still so much part of our present. It starts with the Symonds St Cemetery Tour on Saturday 29 September, a tour that is offered 4 times over the festival. There is also a tour, Shopping on the Strip, that describes the retail history of the street.

Another tour, Women of Karangahape Road, takes place on Sunday 30 September to highlight the 125th anniversary of women's suffrage in New Zealand.

K' Road's history is nothing, if not colourful, as Under the Red Umbrella: History of the Red Light District and a Tall Tale from Auckland's 'lost suburb' will prove.

Pre European history is explored through Te Ara O Karangahape, while Māori and other Polynesians heritage on K' Road is outlined in Korero K' Road. And a very personal family perspective of life on K' Road is presented by Sofi Ulugia-Pua and Rev. Mua Strickson-Pu with Karangahape Faifai Walk.

Also, don't forget to check out the interesting information on the KBA website about the various historical buildings and sites along K' Road.

Artweek on K' Road

Photo of Electric Night 2017 supplied by William Maddison

K' Road always has a significant input into Artweek Auckland, the annual week long arts festival that runs across Auckland from 6 – 14 October.

The event involves over 1000 artists across 100 venues, bringing hundreds of art lovers and others into K' Road to attend events and exhibitions.

One of the highlights of K' Road Artweek will be Thursday's Electric Night (11 October) with galleries opening until 9pm and self guided or group tours available. This will include the Spring Book Fair in Strange Haven, St Kevins Arcade where Off the Press: An Art Book Directory will be launched, celebrating the best of New Zealand's art publications.

This year K' Road has around 14 exhibitions running through the week. In typical K' Road style, the hugely talented artists present eclectic themes, such as investigations of language and meaning, sustainability, suffrage commemoration, radio as art, moving image and hand weaving..

Artweek Walking Tours bookend both Saturdays of Artweek offering insights into the paintings and wall art of K' Road. There is also the Walk and Talk, an Art Precinct walking tour. Artweek cycle tours will run, Shanghai Lil will be hosting the fabulous Salon Mika show, an introduction to collecting contemporary artwork, Collecting Contemporary runs on Saturday 3 October, and there is a copyright panel discussion at the Cordis on the evening of Wednesday 10 October.

The KBA is delighted to sponsor K' Road's contribution to Artweek Auckland as it is a perfect fit for the precinct's diversity, creativity and innovation.

We look forward to your involvement in the Heritage Festival and Artweek Auckland week, including Electric Night on Thursday, 11 October.

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