KBA Newsletter September 2018: Thoughts from the KBA Office

Thoughts from the KBA Office

Every month is a busy month along K' Road but this month has been especially dynamic.

NZ Fashion Week (NZFW) saw a number of K' Road fashion designers wowing the fashionistas crowd as they proudly showed their labels either at the official NZFW Viaduct Event Centre catwalk or at venues around K' Road. A number of after parties were then staged on the ridge bringing the special, the earthy and the Gods of style into K' Road.

We had the FAFSWAG Aita Ball in Raynham Park Studio, an evening of bizarre ballroom antics, virgin vogue drama and runway slaughter. Courtney Barnett staged a pop-up performance in Flying Out Records. A big fan of K' Road, she particularly mentioned how she loved the people of K' Road. And as I am writing this - on the last day of the August - The Others Way is kicking off outside. Over 2000 muso guests were expected through the night.

And there is more. Not a week goes by without one of the 25 K' Road dealer galleries sending a shout out about the wonderful art they are producing and adding to the creative culture of New Zealand.

Mid month, the NZ Herald Canvas magazine featured A Week at K' Road icon, St Kevins Arcade. An interesting theme running through this article was a fairly widely held belief that no one, no subset or subculture, has ownership of this place, but everyone is welcome and everyone has a place.

A lot happens here and much of this is about people and businesses evolving. In terms of the dollars, transaction numbers are up and foot traffic is rising - a good indication that people are wanting more of what goes on here.

To top the month off for me was a conversation I had with Mavis who I met at an opening. She told me a story of how the whole K' Road community of businesses helped her find a lost phone. She said, “K' Road people really know how to do what is best for the whole community". I guess that sums it up – that is what makes this community of businesses, residents and K road people so unique in Auckland!

As always, I want to give a shout out to those people keeping their business real. If we all stay true to who we are as a business, people will want more of it.

Keep it up K Road.

Michael Richardson


The Karangahape Road Business Association

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