KBA Newsletter September 2018: Alternative View of NZFW 2018

Bringing vintage into the K' Road NZ Fashion Week mix

Only four weeks into her new role working at the K' Road Business Association, Lauren Kumerich talks of the terrifying but exhilarating experience of participating in NZ Fashion Week for the first time, on behalf of the KBA office.

“So wait. Are you telling me I'll be attending shows at NZ Fashion week?"

The answer was a resounding, yes! I was to attend opening night, the Hailwood show, the Lela Jacobs show, and the showroom opening party for Mina and Courtney Pellow.

For someone new to the KBA office this was both a terrifying and exhilarating discovery, 10 days out from NZ Fashion Week 2018. Having never attended a NZ Fashion Show previously I was thrilled at the amazing opportunity… and then horrified seconds later when it occurred to me that I had no idea how to dress for any of the occasions!

I jokingly half boasted, half lamented this upcoming 'job' on my personal social media platforms, and that's when Megan from Thread NZ realised my hand was up beseechingly and reached out. “I'll help you find something to wear!" Excellent, I thought, and a plan started to form.

Having lived just off K' Road in the 90s, this precinct has always been dear to my heart. I have fond memories of bargain hunting through 2nd hand stores for my eclectic student wardrobe at that time. I was keen to revisit this nostalgic fashion practice and Megan, a prolific op shopper herself, was also excited about the idea of fashion week outfit shopping through the K' Road vintage clothing stores. So together we set off on our challenge: to document our second-hand shopping spree on K'Road through Instagram Stories.

The K' Road vintage and 2nd hand clothing stores did not disappoint! Shop owners were super friendly and helpful, and a variety of skirts, shirts, dresses, jackets, and accessories were donned, paraded and bought. We had a lot of fun!

Once K' Road Presents fashion designers got wind of my idea, they became interested in contributing to my wardrobe for Fashion Week as well. Within the space of a week I had a mash up of K' Road Fashion designers' items and accessories bought from the K' Road vintage stores with Vada Hair and Posh Nails & Spa offering their services. Heading to Opening Night, I felt totally representative of the colourful K' Road fashion industry, both old and new.

And the shows were magic. Both on the catwalks and in the audience, people were wearing fabulous fashion. As someone new to the whole scene, I was blown away by the experience and inspired to take more note of the style of my current wardrobe. Contrary to my preconceived idea about “fashion" I am happy to report that just about anything goes. Seriously. You can write your own look book if you're confident enough.

If you'd like to see the Instagram story we created around my experiences of Fashion Week you can visit the Instagram account story here @kroadnz

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