KBA Newsletter September 2018: 2018 June K'Road Business & Pedestrian Surveys

The K' Road Business Owners and Pedestrian Surveys, June 2018

Businesses are reasonably positive about growth opportunities on K' Road but businesses and pedestrians want to be more informed about the practical aspects of the Karangahape Road Enhancement project, according to recent surveys.

Two surveys - one for business owners and one for pedestrians - were undertaken along K' Road in June 2018 as part of an effort to think of ways to retain the street's unique character and life while the road is undergoing construction.


The three most common reasons businesses choose to do business in K' Road is because they enjoy the people and community, the energy and atmosphere and the proximity to the CBD. The area is perceived to be creative and inspiring, pedestrian friendly, and a good environment that acknowledges heritage. Other common reasons for owning a business in K' Road were the collaborative business environment and the ease of access to the area.

Perspectives on K' Road

While K' Road was rated most positively by businesses for being creative and inspiring (73%) and pedestrian friendly (72%), businesses were less positive about the area being safe (46%), bicycle friendly (44%) and 'green and leafy' (34%).

Businesses' perceptions of K' Road were generally on a par, or less positive, than those of pedestrians. Businesses' perceptions of accessibility and safety were notably less positive than pedestrians.

Business support during construction

The main support businesses felt would help them during construction was the maintenance of clear access ways and frontages to their businesses, as well as the retention of parking in the area. They also want clear and regular communication about the project.

Current business activity

October-December was the busiest quarter for most businesses over the year, followed by January to March.

The majority of businesses see customers on weekdays (87%). Another 71% open in the weekends. The busiest time over the day – week days and weekends – is midday to 2pm. Weekends tend to be busier for businesses with peak periods of 50+.The busiest time of day across weekdays and weekends is midday to 2pm.

Anticipated change in business activity

Business confidence is strong with 57% expecting business activity to increase in the next 12 months. Strategic business growth is the key reason for expected increase in business activity, if the business is in a growth industry.

How people get to K' Road

Businesses perceive that most customers come to K' Road by car. However the pedestrian survey found only 22% of pedestrians surveyed drove to K' Road. Over half (55%) of pedestrians walked or ran there, while 19% caught the bus.

(NB: As the pedestrian surveyed only surveyed pedestrians, it could be under representing people who drove or cycled directly to and from their destination. Even so, this is an interesting mismatch.)

More specific information wanted

However, businesses want to be informed about the timeframes and specific dates of events that will directly affect them, such as street closures and other disruptions. In addition, they want more information on parking and overall project plans/objectives.


Respondents were very positive about K' Road being pedestrian friendly (84%), accessible to everyone (79%) and creative/inspiring (77%).

Pedestrian visitor behaviour

Thoughts on the K' Road Enhancements Project

Full reports from both surveys, including their research methods as well as analysis of the data collected, can be found HERE.

The Business Owners' survey was designed to learn about the participants' perspectives on business and customer activity in the area, current perceptions of the area and information they felt they needed about the road enhancements project. The survey also asked businesses about the support they believed would be the most beneficial during the construction period.

The objective of the K' Road Pedestrian survey was to discover the motivations behind pedestrian visits to K' Road, their use of the area and their current perceptions of the area. Most importantly, it also asked what would motivate them to continue their visits during the construction period.

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