Newsletter Articles Archive November: Manager's Letter - November

Welcome to the November KBA Newsletter

Night at the Circus First Thursdays will be upon us early December, closely followed by Christmas. Over this festive time of year we need every unique, special, out of the box approach you can think of to ensure visitors to K' Road have an unforgettable experience when they come upon your business, be it retail, hospitality, entertainment or accommodation.

The KBA is looking forward to a very dynamic time over the next few months. The KBA Business Plan is where you can read about all the activities we have planned over the next year to continue to shine as a unique and creative niche area of Auckland city.

If you had any doubt about the history and originality of K' Road, look no further than the new Auckland Vintage Guide.

We are proud of the large feature on K' Road included in the guide which can found in various places along K' Road and throughout Auckland.

Last, but not least, give a shout out to all the new businesses that have opened along the ridge and surrounding areas over the past year. If you have been here for a while, or are a relative newcomer, don't forget how important it is to welcome the many new businesses, communities and individuals who have chosen to make K' Road their home.

Until next month
Michael Richardson

Town (Precinct) Manager

The Karangahape Road Business Association