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Facebook Ads offer level playing field

The power of Facebook and other social media can be formidable for small businesses, says Ezy Social Media director Jef Kay.

Jef shared his wisdom about how to use social media with around two dozen KBA members at Shangahi Lil on October 18, as part of the K' Road Connect Business Series Seminar.

A great communicator, Jef explained that Facebook has set up Facebook Ads to allow all businesses to start on a level playing field when it comes to promoting content.

Using examples of companies he has worked with, Jef showed how budgets of less than $50 a month can lead to incredible reach and campaign successes (in one case reaching over 5 million people with only a $20 campaign budget).

He clearly demonstrated the value for money social media promotion can provide. However, Jef also stressed the importance of quality content that emphasised and focused on people and storytelling.

Audience targeting is essential to successful social media advertising practice so it is essential to fully understand your audience if you want to be successful with social media.

At the end Jef supplied practical ideas for change in response to a number of queries from the audience. He also invited people to schedule an introductory session with him, paid for by Auckland Council, including $20 of free social media advertising.

Next month's K' Road Business Connect event will be announced soon, so make sure to get in quick for a free opportunity to hear about ways to maximise your business potential!