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Why not get a business mentor?

Do you want to take action and make a change or need help with your business? Then join the 12 K' Road businesses who signed up for the free business mentoring package – Business Pac offered by Chamber of Commerce and Business Mentors NZ at our Business Connect event last month.

The free mentoring and Chamber of Commerce membership package is still available for K' Road business people so we asked Business Mentors NZ general manager Lisa Ford to explain the value of having a business mentor.

What is business mentoring?

Business mentoring is confidential one-on-one advice for business owners who want to grow or need help to resolve specific business challenges.

Why would you suggest a business person think about getting a mentor?

Firstly, 'we don't know, what we don't know'. As business owners, you can get so caught up in the day-to-day operation of your business that you forget to step back and take a holistic review, or you lose sight of your business plan and goals. With a business mentor you can sit down and develop your plan or review the current one.

Mentors can also challenge your thinking and provide an independent fresh perspective. They can also help with certain challenges or to build capability within a business.

What are the main supports offered by a business mentor?

It changes by client. Our programme is designed to give a fresh perspective, guidance or inspiration. Your mentor will look at ways to grow your business, or help if you need to implement change. That change can cover many things; staff management, planning, help managing cashflow or looking at marketing to gain more customers.

How does it work, eg how often should you meet, is their 'homework', is it confidential?

It's a confidential one-to-one service. Our mentor managers will match you to the best fit mentor who will then make contact and organise a time to meet. During the first meeting, you and your mentor will agree how often to meet and our mentors will set 'homework' or an action plan to be undertaken between meetings.

The nitty gritty of the BusinessPac

Register with Business Mentors NZ: 0800 209 209 (when registering online please exist the process at the payment page and email to advise you're a KBA member)


Building better Cities: The Future of Auckland – Exciting or Frightening?

What is the big picture view of Auckland and how can you fit into that picture? Does that question feel exciting or frightening?

Hear about ideas on how to build better cities, join discussions on the type of city you want, including about urban design and place making (how you build and construct places to meet the needs of people who live there).

KBA is introducing these topics in Business Connect this year because it wants to make sure we have a place to discuss and learn about the future of the city and the exciting opportunities in front of us and K' Road.

Date and venue to be announced but will be early April.

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