Newsletter Articles March: More carparks will be available for K’ Road shoppers

More carparks will be available for K' Road shoppers

The K' Road Business Association supports all ways people can come and go from K' Road, including cycling, driving, bussing and walking.

Therefore we support cycle lanes for K' Road but not at the detriment of customer car parking opportunities. To this end we have been negotiating with Auckland Transport for the best possible outcome for K' Road businesses that includes both a cycleway and good customer parking.

After extensive negotiations with AT we are delighted to support the future creation of new shopper car-parking opportunities, including the future availability of 50 more car parks at the Auckland Council car park on Upper Queen St.

There will also be more than 250 additional customer parking opportunities made available for shoppers through changes to the pricing structure for parking on side streets that will extend paid parking hours of operation and discourage over night parking around K' Road, making it easier for evening visitors to find a park.

These two outcomes should address the concerns of our members around the loss of car parking from the cycle lane plan.

Our aim is to find holistic solutions that meet the needs and diversity of K' Road businesses and includes support for all types of transport, including cycling, cars, public transport and walking.

After all the KBA is here first and foremost to represent the interests of our members. We will continue to be very committed to this task as we engage further with AT's strategies for the area.


You can still have your say about the K' Road Enhancements project

Around 100 people 'dropped in' to chat with the K Road Enhancements project team last week. They are keen to get your feedback on proposed parking changes, such as an expansion to paid parking and loading zone placement. If supported, some of these changes could be implemented before construction begins later this year.

You can give feedback online at until Sunday 1 April, but the team are also available to come and meet you at a time that suits. Get in touch with Aaron Hutching at or 021 802 495.

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