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Can you have your cake and eat it too? In K' Road you possibly can!

K' Road has recently been part of the debate in mainstream media and social media regarding the Auckland Transport (AT) street upgrade and cycle lane project.

(Please note the project is about a street upgrade AND cycle lane project – something the media has overlooked with its focus on cycle lanes.)

As the business association of one of the most diverse communities in New Zealand, the KBA has been challenged on many fronts to work towards finding the best outcomes around this debate. Therefore, we are pushing for an AT response that reflects the diversity of our community.

KBA took a risk averse stance from very early on, encouraging consultation and the formation of the Design Reference Group. More recently we opposed the project because we would lose 70 parks on the main street at peak times. However now we have reached an outcome that includes both a cycleway and more customer parking.

People want K' Road to be a great place to do business as well as a thriving fringe community. It needs to be accessed by car, bus, CRL, light rail, cycle and by foot. So while we are told cars are not the way of the future, that future is not here yet!

How will we be checking in with the community?

We are running our annual membership survey soon, after which we will have a clearer understanding of where our members' opinions sit on this project. This will leave us better able to lobby for changes.

In April, KBA will be running a speaker series that will open up discussion on the future for Auckland. The series will discuss how communities could develop in a positive way in Auckland, an urban environment under huge pressure. We want this series to foster ideas and debate on our future and help us to see the future as an opportunity rather than a threat.

We aim to be cautious yet progressive - if that is at all possible. Above all, we are trying to defend the best interests of this diverse and special gem, K' Road.

Michael Richardson

KBA Manager 021 377508

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