Newsletter Articles April: Refreshing Cycling Initiatives On K' Road

Refreshing Cycling Initiatives On K' Road

Cycling is on the rise in Auckland as a couple of recent great initiatives around K' Road indicate. We hope that events like these, as well as other cycling related plans in the works, will encourage cyclists to view K' Road as a destination, not just a route, for cyclists in the future.

The first event was a new initiative by the YMCA called Ride and Refresh. The YMCA have opened their facilities for free in the morning to cyclists who can now ride into the city, park their bike at the YMCA and use their shower facilities before heading into work.

Ride and Refresh was launched a couple of weeks ago to a fantastic turn out and the number of cyclists using the service continue to grow. It's a fantastic option for city workers, especially with parking hard to find or expensive. It's also a great way to encourage us all to be as active as possible.

The second event was the Bike Breakfast. Sponsored this month by the KBA and Bestie Cafe, Bike Auckland run Bike Breakfast on the first Thursday each month to provide a place for cyclists from all walks of life to get together to mingle and chat about everything bike related. Bestie Café put on an incredible breakfast for all who came.

These two events are an example of the growing acceptance of cyclists in the community and the importance of having cycling initiatives that will make K' Road a much more attractive destination for cyclists in Auckland.

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