Newsletter Articles April: Meet New KBA Committee Member Muy Chhour

Meet New KBA Committee Member Muy Chhour

When it was suggested that Muy Chhour, who runs Lim Chhour Student Accommodation, run for the KBA committee, she jumped at the idea.

“I'm interested in learning more about others in the community and getting more involved. I don't know much about the business association, so it will be interesting to be involved and I'm keen to do whatever is needed and help out as I can."

Muy says she will bring to the committee the same practical hands on approach she has with her business. She says K' Road is a very vibrant street that has become a destination rather than a road you drive down to go somewhere else.

“It is also more multicultural than a lot of other main areas of Auckland. It would be good to get more businesses coming into the street and that would be helped if some of the buildings were upgraded a bit."

K' Road has been a place Muy's family has invested in for many years. In 2002, her father, Lim-Nam Chhour, bought and did up the old Rendells building at 184 K' Road. The Lim Chhour Shopping Centre's ground floor has a number of shops including an Asian supermarket set up by her father. On the floor above, Muy currently runs the Lim Chhour Student Accommodation, targeting overseas students.

“Our family have a long history in business, and quite a lot of it has been around K' Road. I think Dad's strength was picking locations. He had the knack of looking until he found the perfect location and space for what he wanted to do," says Muy.

Having said that Muy did wonder if he was biting off more than he could chew when he told her about the Rendells building.

“But he was right and it has worked really well. He loved the K' Road location."

As does Muy who is keen to look at ways to attract more owner operated businesses into the street because she feels owner operators make a difference to the success of businesses.

Muy's background

Muy's family came to New Zealand from Cambodia when she was three. Her parents bought a dairy and ended up setting up and running specialist Asian supermarkets.

Muy worked in the family business from when she was little, taking a break of a few years to study computer science and work in Dunedin. However, when her father asked her to return to Auckland she was ready to do so. That was 16 years ago.

“Sitting at a desk has never really been me."

And her current favourite spot in K' Road? “Tart Bakery in St Kevin's Arcade. They have such tasty food - their donuts are my favourite."

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