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K' Road is our kind of place

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Last week I was contacted by a journalist from The Project asking about the Clothes for K' Road clothing rack. The rack, which asks for clothing donations, has mysteriously appeared on the side of the old Dick Smith building at 442 Karangahape Road.

It was heart-warming to see this simple but significant action and know it will be making a difference to a number of people on the street.

This kind of ethos is strong throughout K' Road – at the KBA we often hear about initiatives that help people in need on the street - it seems to just be part of the K' Road experience.

Take for example, the Gemmayze St initiative, Everybody Eats in St Kevin's Arcade. This group rescue food that would otherwise go to landfill and feed it to people every Monday night on a 'pay-as-you-feel' basis.

Another initiative Gratis operates out of the former Green Party building, the Community Hall at 17 Mercury Lane. This free store collects unsold perishable food from local cafes and eateries and gives it away the same evening. A group of volunteers collect the food at the end of the business day and a second team distributes it from Community Hall, no questions asked.

We also have Lifewise's Merge Café with its pay forward concept encouraging people to pay for someone else to have a coffee or meal when buying one yourself.

And just this week I saw Coco's Cantina post a thanks to the Army Surplus Store for helping them make some waterproof packs for people sleeping on the street that might need them.

There are so many K' Road businesses and community members taking time out of their busy lives to make a difference to this wonderful community. Who could ask for a better place to work and a better community to work with? No wonder we are a place so dear to people's hearts. What's not to love!