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Community Focus For First Thursdays

First Thursdays has continued to be a great success for the local area, with a constant increase of public into the area and a significant rise in spend during the event, with our last event in December being our biggest yet!

Historically the events have had a theme, one voted on by the local businesses. This time around we've decided that we need to bring it back to its grass roots, and so our theme will be the street itself. We have directed our event management team to create an event that embodies what K Road is in all its quirky and wonderful ways.

This change in the design of the event will ensure that we not only attract people to the area but provide them with an event that actually represents the area, showcasing the weird and wonderful creativeness of its locals, and reflects on the vibrant history of the area.

The KBA will also host many events to bring the streetscape to life. This will include music and performances along the length of K' Road, light and film projections on and around some of K' Road's spaces and telling the stories that are unique to our space and our history.

We host this event for you, for the local community and businesses that make K' Road what it is. We want you to be involved as much as possible, to own this event as it is yours. So we want to ask you this - How would you like to represent yourself in the most exciting and personal way?

Pitch us ideas of what you would like to do during the event at and we will do everything we can to help you to achieve this.

The process of this is still in development, but we will be looking for involvement and feedback, so stay tuned!

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