Karangahape Road Auckland Transport Developments: More carparks will be available for shoppers

More carparks will be available for shoppers

A message to our members

The K Road Business Association supports all forms of transport, including cycling, to bring people to K Road. We also support cycle lanes for K' Road.

However, we do not believe that the introduction of cycle lanes needs to reduce the number of customer parking opportunities. Because of this, we have been negotiating with Auckland Transport for the best possible outcome for our businesses. An outcome that includes both a cycleway and customer parking.

After extensive negotiations with AT, we have been delighted to support the future creation of new shopper car-parking opportunities, including 50 more car parks being made available at the Auckland Council car park on Upper Queen St.
Changes to the pricing structure for parking on side streets will also increase parking churn and make more than 250 additional customer parking opportunities available for shoppers.

We are delighted that we have been able to work with AT to address the concerns of our members around the loss of car parking that the cycle lane would have brought. KBA is here first and foremost to represent the interests of our members. The diversity of K' Road businesses and their needs means we at the KBA are aiming for a holistic solution which includes support for all types of transport, including cycling, cars, public transport and walking. We will continue to be very committed to this task as we engage further with AT's strategies for the area.