KBA Member Info: Expert Excerpts


A video series to hear business advice from some of our expert locals during Covid-19 disruptions.

Craig Garner // Business Mentors:

"Seperate yourself from emotional attachment to businesses and people and look at it quite analytically. Ask yourself, does this stack up, is there a future, and what can I do to make it happen?" 

Robert Westall // Naked Accounting:

"Creatives are really amazing because they have a different way of looking at thinking about business and that's a real advantage for every business."

Victoria Toon // Corporate Restructuring:

"Focus on the short term.... Get back to the basics.... Cash is King. You must look at ways to conserve money."

Laura Cibilich // Run:

"Look at your messaging really carefully... Get your messaging really clear and make it positive but helpful and thoughtful."

Craig McAlpine // MyCareerBrand:

"Flexibility, agility, and an ability to evolve."