Mercury Theatre: Theatre Cafe



On the 12th of December 2010 the space reopened as THEATRE CAFE.

The new interior redesign incorporates most of the Handmade Burger refit including the new staircase and restored skylight. .

Several areas of new oak panelling were inserted to match the original work by Daniel B Patterson although not in places where panelling originally existed.

The new counter was very like the original one installed when this was BRAZIL.

THEATRE CAFE 256 Karangahape Road Auckland 1010 09-303 0501

Theatre closed in 2012.


The new cafe which opened was called Rumplestiltskins, but it was quickly rebranded as REVO - short for Revolution.

Interestingly portions of the oak panelling installed during the previous renovation were removed.

The new cafe served Havana Coffee and was decorated with a large wall painting of Fidel Castro.

Detail of the new tiled counter.

Revo closed suddenly in 2014 following the unexpected death of the owner.

Guyurati Dhaba

The space is now occupied by an Indian Vegetarian Restaurant called Guyurati Dhaba.

Guyurati Dhaba retained the tile counter but strangely they also kept the wall painting of Fidel Castro.

Guyurati Dhaba (Vegetarian)

256 K Road: 09 887 9675