The Meaning of Karangahape: Ferdinand von Hochstetter


Ferdinand von Hochstetter


Hochsetter initially intended to become a Luthern Minister.

He completed his theological studies in 1851, graduated doctor of philosophy in 1852 (with a thesis in mineralogy), and gained a state scholarship to travel in Europe.

In Vienna in 1853 he was recruited to the Austrian geological survey, eventually becoming the chief geologist for Bohemia, and a lecturer at the University of Vienna.

In 1857 Hochstetter was appointed geologist to the Austrian scientific expedition on the naval frigate Novara.

In Cape Town George Grey had encouraged the Novara's commodore, Bernhard von Wüllerstorf-Urbair, to visit Auckland, New Zealand, to allow scientific examination of the North Island volcanic regions.

Hochstetter was the first to describe and interpret many features of New Zealand geology and his map of the geology of the Auckland isthmus is one of the most important pieces of work undertaken at that time.