Mercury Theatre: Brazil


Formerly Brazil Cafe, now Theatre Cafe. 256 K Road


When the PLAYHOUSE THEATRE closed around 1960 the K'rd entrance building was sold off as a seperate title and became the Norman Ng fruit shop [said to be the only fruit shop with a marble floor].

When Norman Ng's closed in the early 1990s the space was fitted out as one of K'rd's most famous and popular cafe's; Brazil.

Brazil is how most people remember this space; The place aesthetic had a strange, anarchic, and post-apocalyptic feel to it probably derived from the films Blade Runner and Brazil.

The name may have been derived from directly the 1985 film BRAZIL or from the ancient mythical place Hy-Brazil .

Run by brothers Brothers Dominic and Simon Taylor for 23 years in 2007, the cafe closed: NZHerald

The last day of trading was the 30th of September 2007.

BRAZIL exterior

BRAZIL interior

BRAZIL interior

BRAZIL interior



In 2008 the space reopened as Handmade Burgers with a renovated interior with a new mezzanine floor and staircase.


The leadlight skylight was restored and new entrance doors created. Many other interior details were recreated as part of this renovation but the aged effect on the Roman Vaulted ceiling was retained.



Various portions of the interior were recreated including parts of the moulded panelling.

The restoration of the arched skylight was a major achievement - several panels were intact and thus able to be used as a template to recreate the missing portions. The centre panel was absent however and a new design was made by Edward Bennett to complete the composition.

Before restoration

The Restored Skylight

Unfortunately no images of the original front doors have been located so new doors were designed in a version of the Art Deco style and constructed in Kauri, bronze and New Zealand Greenstone.