Events: ​Ride the White Night Way

Saturday, 12 March

White Night

Ride the White Night Way 6-11pm – PROGRAMME AND MAP

Wear white, dress up your bike (maybe in light) and cruise around the Central Auckland White Night events; but one question before you go.

Have the pink and white terraces returned, changed into bicycles and danced? Not quite. But the Velociteers will perform on the beautiful Te Ara I Whiti, celebrating the illuminating life and creativity of David Bowie.
West Terrace or the K Road overbridge are the places to be to view the synchronised bicycle feast of ‘White Light’ at 7.15, 8.15 and 9.15 pm.

Hang out in our Canada St Hub (we’ve closed the road). Add to making installation piece Max and Bella And Friends. Artists Donna Sarten and Bernie Harfleet focus on depression and anxiety disorders and just how prevalent they are. We’ll be making windmills – a perfect analogy for the mind, having moments of stillness and of kinetic movement (and installing them in Canada St)

Cycle Blend your own smoothie, or have a Dr Feelgood, have coffee and eat, at the same time have your say about K Road’s streetscape enhancement project with Auckland Council and Auckland Transport.

Then head off down Te Ara I Whiti #lightpathAKL and make pit stops at other White Night events. Our map will bring you back to Canada St for a coffee or even a Goodnight Cocoa.
Finish with the night with a game of giant dominoes.

​Ride the White Night Way