Events: RP Boo

Saturday, 05 March

Neck of the Woods

Kavain Space, also known as RP Boo, the inventor of Chicago footwork music, is playing at Neck of the Woods, 155b K Road, on Saturday 5 March. RP Boo will be in Auckland off the back of his Adelaide Festival of Arts showcase, and the event, CHI to AKL 2: RP Boo, will see RP Boo DJing alongside local footwork producers Surly, JRed and Milo B.

RP Boo will also be teaching Chicago footwork dance moves before the show, at 2pm on Saturday, 5 March, at Viva Dance studios, 10 Newton Road, so that Aucklanders can try out their footwork at the gig!

RP Boo