Events: Cleo Barnett

Friday, 09 October

Corner Gallery

Project 024: Cleo Barnett (US/NZ)

East Street, 2015
24 September – 12 November 2015

From October 2013 to May 2015 Cleo Barnett documented life in her studio-come-living-room, on her balcony and in the street below in a series of more than 300 photographs shot on 35mm and 220mm film formats. Living in an apartment just one floor above East Street, opposite Galatos Street on the southern slopes of the Karangahape Road ridge, Barnett tuned her photographic eye both inwards and outwards, capturing intimate moments in her home alongside the diversity of street-life in the K Rd neighbourhood. While some of her subjects are oblivious to the photographer’s presence, other photographs reveal the watching was two-way.

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