Events: Darn You're Good

Tuesday, 18 August

Learn How to Darn Your Woollies

What’s it all about?

Get those feet toasty warm again, darn them holes & feel good about yo’self.

What will we cover?

Over a lemon, and needle in hand, Sarah Sew Love will teach you how to darn your holey woollies in this cosy midwinter class. BYO garment in need of some stitching. Needles, lemons and some wool provided but if you are wanting a specific colour to match then best have a hunt in some op shops – or be darn daring and go for a contrasting colour.

Who will be teaching?

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Sarah Sew Love is a crafter and eco warrior who runs Sew Love, the sewing lounge in St Kevin’s Arcade. Every day she’s on a mission to save textiles from landfill and to share mending and creative skills with the Auckland community and beyond.

Questions about the class? Please

Sound like fun?

Darn You're Good