Events: Lest We Forget

Saturday, 04 July

The Handel Consort & Quire

Lest We Forget

Saturday 4th July, 5pm

Pitt St Methodist Church

“Lest We Forget” is, as the name suggests, a commemorative occasion of the Great War. We will be singing a selection of beautiful music appropriate to that subject, many in 8-parts. Music includes Purcell’s “Hear my prayer”, Pearsall’s “Lay a garland”, “Justorum animae” by Lassus and also Stanford’s setting of the same text, Whitacre’s haunting “Sleep”, Handl’s “Pater noster” and Rutter’s “The Lord bless you and keep you”.

The music will be interspersed with readings of letters from soldiers, poems, and other material.

Unfortunately Raymond Hawthorne, who was to read, has had to withdraw due to other work commitments but we are very fortunate to have John Sweetman, voice artist for Radioworks NZ, ZM and Classic hits, Mediaworks TV (TV3) to list a few, reading in his stead.

We are asking for donations in the order of $20 rather than ticket sales for this event.

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Lest We Forget