Events: Saul

Saturday, 18 April

The Handel Consort & Quire

The Handel Consort & Quire present Handel’s Oratorio


7pm Saturday 18 April 2015

Pitt St Methodist Church

78 Pitt St, Auckland Central

Handel’s oratorio Saul is an epic work of great and noble drama which is almost operatic in its composition with very vivid characterisation and realisation. Handel employs an extremely rich array of instruments for this work including trombones, trumpets, kettledrums, carillon and harp (in addition to the usual woodwind and strings). Exquisite solo airs are interspersed with powerful and thrilling choruses. The drama follows the well-known biblical story about David slaying Goliath then being warmly received by King Saul and offered Saul’s elder daughter Merab as a reward. However she scorns the lowly shepherd boy and her younger sister Michal reveals her feelings for him, along with the praise of her fellow Israelites. Saul is moved to a fit of envious rage as David is more revered than he is. He tries to have his son Jonathan kill David, but he refuses. Jonathan and Saul are eventually both killed in battle and David is declared the new king of Israel.

The excellent cast of soloists for Saul includes:
Joel Amosa – Saul
Gina Sanders – Michal
Iain Tetley – Jonathan
Carolyn Medland – David
Elizabeth Mandeno – Merab

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