All Fresco: Artists 2013-14

Artists 2014

Benjamin Work

Ben Work

Benjamin is a core member of the Auckland art collective, TMD. He has a strong foundation in aerosol painting and graffiti. His commissions include large scale public murals, limited edition wine packaging and postage stamps and recently his practice has also expanded to sculpture and performance. The importance of kula (red) and uli (black) in the Tongan psyche has continued to be evident throughout Benjamin’s practice. … [more]( "Ben Work") Image Brendan Kitto


“I like big walls and I cannot lie"

@bmdisyourfriend … more

Charles and Janine Williams

Co-founder of the world acclaimed TMD crew and sponsored member of the Ironlak Team, Charles aka Phat1 has developed his passion into a successful career. He has combined his love of graffiti with his passion for native NZ birds, creating a style that is becoming a statement worldwide. The infusion of his culture both from the street and his Maori genealogy carries a strong message of who he is. … more

Elliot Francis Stewart

Elliott spent his childhood engrossed in comic books and creating elaborately rendered drawings. He attended an alternative school where he met his tight-knit crew of friends who became known as the RFC (Rat Fink Club) crew. Elliot became part of TMD (The Most Dedicated) in 2001 and quickly established himself as a foremost talent in character based work in aerosol. Elliot works as an artist and freelance illustrator. … more

Mica Still

Mica Still grew up in a small coastal town in Oregon, USA where the art scene was dominated by seaside watercolours. A far cry from her practice, exhibited across Australia and New Zealand, with its radiant colour and optical punch, howling tigers, wolves and naughty bits. The jolt of her work appears to contrast with Mica’s trademark gentle demeanour – yet this artist’s vivid, deep-sea calm gives her fearless and provocative work its rich luminescence…. more

Image All Fresco 2013

Misery & Tomtom

Bright, graphic and complex with humans and animals combined to explore her desires fears and fantasies. Mica’s work will sneak up & frighten you in your dreams while making you laugh out loud in the light of day… more & more

Image All Fresco 2013

Nigel Roberts

I really enjoy painting letters with a brush.

Normally muted tones with a fleshed out gingerbreading of the form and presentation of such letter.

Threedee is also a fun game.

Making something jump.

Sometimes i also try to paint realistic looking things with spraypaint.

A little bit of a perfectionist. … more

Owen Dippie

Owen Dippie is an internationally-recognised artist from New Zealand, exploring the universal language of art. He endeavours to leave his mark on the world, rather than just exist in it. … more

Jonny 4Higher


My background is in Hip-hop graffiti, and I’ve been creating commissioned murals and graffiti art professionally since I left high school, but only recently decided to push myself as an artist… more


Visual narratives are often complex when drawn from the vernacular of contemporary culture. Culturally charged metaphors and references are used throughout my work to explore the spaces between worlds… more

Image All Fresco 2013


In an over saturated worldof corporate logos, adverts and latest sales of imported low quality goods, I regain public spaces by painting imagery for the public to engage with on a more personal level. Lately my imagery has shifted to a more organic,symmetrical and almost mandala like objects that still retain the eyes from the original "Ghøstie characters"


Misha Uteev is Russian born, started painting at 16, moved to NZ; the amazing street artists here have had a great influence on me. I’ve painted walls in NZ, Russia and Europe, developing my own style… more

Image All Fresco 2013

Erin Forsyth

Has produced 10 solo and been in numerous group exhibitions. Her candidly dark illustrations have featured in local and international publications such as King Brown, Lurve, Pulp, Yen & Black magazines… more

Image from All Fresco 2013


Regan Tamanui

A New Zealander based in Melbourne and Berlin. HAHA is one of the exponents responsible for the Melbourne stencil art movement in 2002. His work can seen across Australia, Europe & USA… more

Image All Fresco 2013

Xoe Hall

Pop artist, muralist and designer for her two clothing labels Xoe has displayed her works in 4 solo exhibitions and many group shows in NZ. Her femme fetale paintings have been described as “delightfully subversive"… more

Image All Fresco 2013


Street Art Festivals Curator

All Fresco & Graffiato

Founding member of The Cut Collective, Ross Liew’s work covers many mediums, from graphics for NZ streetwear label Moneyshot, to exhibiting in New York City. Ross is the curator for Graffiato and All Fresco… more

Image 2013

Elliott Francis Stewart

Founding member of RFC crew with Sens, Gasp, Vino & PMT, a key member of the world renowned TMD crew. He has painted throughout NZ, the US, Germany, Denmark, France & England… more

Image All Fresco 2013


As a kid I was interested in drawing. Later in my rebellious years I was taken by the graffiti art culture and became immersed in it. Through meeting and painting with other artists I’ve gained more knowledge and understanding… more

Image Marilyn 2011

Tanja Jade

Misery City

Her formative years were spent drawing crocodlies and avoiding giant falling mangoes and committing her daydreams and nightmares to paper. At high school she was given the name Misery… more

Image 2011

The Cut Collective

The Cut Collective is five like-minded individuals with varied personal histories in art making. After working spontaneously and informally together over a number of years the Cut Collective was formed in 2006… more

Image 2012


Component’s art work itself is varied thematically; everything from odes to hip hop’s fallen legends, Old Dirty bastard and J Dilla, to political critiques on censorship and conformity. But it’s his style that brings his work together… more

Image 2013



A freelance artist, illustrator, Professional Mess Maker. He works in a diverse practice from creating large scale public mural installations through to fine art based Gallery shows and Illustration… more

Image 2012

Paul Walsh

I’ve created artwork for radio station bFM Fat Freddy’s Drop, the cover for their 7″ single,’The Raft’, Science Fiction aka Wale Oyejide, US-based producer and god bows to math noise band… more

Image 2013


The city as her canvas, stencils and spray paint as her tools, Flox quickly made her presence felt, transforming grey walls into oases. Flocks of her trademark native birds can be found flying across city streets… more

Image 2011

Nigel Roberts

Painting on walls since 1997, since my major run in with the law for doing it naughtily in 2005, I’ve been focusing on the legal side of painting, painting for the people instead of solely for myself… more

Image All Fresco 2013

Method & Manners

Method and Manners hosted the 2013 All Fresco launch and exhibition. It is a professional studio space housing a host of creatives working in various fields established in 2009 by Christopher Washer and Erin Forsyth. The studio carries on a local tradition of supporting and housing creative endeavours. Now renamed [The Carwash Gallery & Studios]( "The Carwash") and the director is Anna Hanson. Image Dager 2013